Friday 4 July 2014

Sunny Dayz 2014 on the horizon

I must be running on excitment, it's nearly 4am, I've tried to sleep but just can't, so I've decided to do something constructive with my insomniac mind. I found myself writing about the thing on my mind while having a nice cup of green tea. 

So.... Sunny Dayz!! The news has spread through the Cairns region and further (thanks technology and Facebook) like wildfire since the first announcement on Tuesday this week. We have been absolutely HANGING for a festival like this to come to town!

I spoke with 4Eva Young Director, Adrian Young, today after just having an amazingly stella weekend at a super successful 2014 River Sessions on June 28. I put forward a request for Travel Beats to be an authorised promoter and seller of Sunny Dayz.
Now, I'm not sure if I caught him off guard with my phone call and proposal but he sounded stoked with the idea and concept we got goin' on at TravB. He said YES straight away!

So a massive THANK YOU MR YOUNG for giving a start up a go. Double thumbs up and a hug if it was business appropriate. 

Come oooooon, I hear you say, get to the line up- the reason we are all so excited of course! Have a go at this:
Voilent Soho 
The Preatures
Alison Wonderland
Dan Sultan
and more local acts to follow (which will be amazing for our talented artists to strut their stuff to a wider audience.

Festival is on Sunday 24th August in Fogarty Park, Cairns CBD

Get your flights, Tiger have some cheap as right now on Sat 23rd, $95 last I saw! What The?!? YES Do it!

and get your tix and accomm with us right here. We can do you a super, sweet package.....