Friday 10 October 2014

Wallaby Creek Festival 2014_Part 1

The weekend starting on the Friday of course! Wallaby Creek Festival was housed on the stunning grounds of Home Rule from 26th - 29th Sept 2014.

We left Cairns on the Friday morning in my trusty little Pajero IO that looks like a bumper car after my sister had it on loan a few years ago. Dad has also become my roadie side kick at all these events now, being retired and freshly new to the music and tourism scene he is looooooving the fab experiences of what Travel Beats is all about!

Being in a 4WD, we took the coast road Bloomfield Track. God its a beautiful drive! Well it's beautiful all the way up from Cairns but being in the thickness of the Daintree, on the dirt road with nothing else around you but nature is just amazing.  After stopping to pick up a hitch hiker, (Hi Barry! Hope your book goes well!) who was leaving his Hippy Commune for the weekend to share the experience that is Wallaby Creek, we arrived at Home Rule Rainforest Lodge 4 hours (or so) later.

We did a quick lap of the camp grounds to see where we could squeeze our tiny 3 man tent between some of the clearly professional and seasoned campers with their family sized tents, annexes and pop up shower tents! (Great idea btw, must get one for next year) We found a spot quite close to the entrance, lucky we were small, which was perfect apart from being on a slight slope..... win some, lose some... meh just made sure the bedding was facing the right way.

Now my dad is so NOT a camper and is probably the most accident prone person I know so I knew this was going to be quite the weekend. Between small cuts (and excessive bleeding due to blood thinning tabs), getting lost, limping from an archilles strain, getting pulled over by the cops for bretho and drug test (ha my dad has never even ever smoked a ciggy!), tire changes, burns on the gas cooker, trips on uneven ground, nearly beheading (coathanging) himself on our tent lines that were tied to the car (more than once so we removed them :-/) and slipping gracefully into the dam for a swim, he not only survived but will now become the biggest (and oldest I'm sure!) festival goer and newly appointed Kallidad groupie! (if he can remember how to say their name)

Home Rule is a fantastic space, usually a camp ground and lodge, it lends itself once a year to become the main arena for the Wallaby. With 2 dams, a creek, beautiful waterfalls about a 30-40 min walk away and the mountains as your backdrop it really is special place. Throw in 2 main stages, a jam stage, kids festival and workshop area, a bar, poets breakfast, workshops, yoga, theatre, great food, market stalls, parades and muso's and voila! Wallaby Creek Festival!

I loved that nearly each band played twice! If you missed them the first time round, you had a chance the following day. If you LOVED them, you had another chance to rip it up and soak in their vibe! There were some incrediblely talented artists there, bands and muso's from such a variety of genres. It was amazing to see so many people appreciate the different styles and genuinely enjoy and revel in the music experience that was performing on each stage.

Wow, this post is going a little longer than I thought! So Part 2 to come......

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