Anoxic Embrace

Alternative Rock! High Energy! Thrashing!

Venue: Cairns & Northern Beaches

Railway Hotel

36 McLeod St, Cairns


The Jack

Cnr Spence & Sheridan Sts, Cairns

Cheated death so many times it should have been a career. Drinks only good vodka with shitty cola. Sane. (by relative perspective)

      Ash - Drums/Percussion

Collects skulls. Voted most likely to commit murder in primary school. Pretty face, sweet talker, evil heart.

     Jay Jay - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Inherited a jar of unidentified body parts from a distant relative. Will cut off your hair and feed it to you. Travels the world without leaving the bedroom.

     Birdman - Bass Guitar

Superhero by day, Musician by night. Unlike carbon life forms is composed of Boron, Arsenic, and Sulphur. Bringing back Muttonchops.


     Rick - Guitar

Has never worked in I.T., Plans to name his first born 'Abe "The Snake" Paris', Rock n' Roll gamer.