The Dialers

They take their audience on a journey that celebrates tight groove based rhythms, catchy hooks, melodic interludes whilst just plain getting down and funky

Venue: Cairns & Northern Beaches

The Jack

Cnr Spence & Sheridan Sts, Cairns


Raintrees Tavern

Cnr Alfred & Cochrane St


Green Ant Cantina

183 Bunda St


Salt House Restaurant and Bar

Marina point (next to the new Cairns Yacht Club facilities)





Cairns's premier band, The Dialers bring a unique blend of Skank Synth Hop to all occasions.

2014 was a big debut year for The Dialers. They introduced their rock solid grooves, rhythms and the steady astute flows of front man MC Robbie V to clubs, pubs and festivals throughout Queensland. Highlights of the year included, Kuranda Roots Festival, (FNQ), Wallaby Ck Festival (FNQ) and Island Vibe Festival (Bris). With their high-energy fun performances The Dialer Crew are always a calling card at any festival.

The band have proved themselves as a dynamic outfit that never fails to whip dance floors into a gyrating frenzy.

A pulsing live rhythm section of drums, keys and guitars are the backbone.

Soaring vocal melodic overtures with lashings of tasteful guitar licks are the soul.

All held together by consciously not taking them selves too seriously, just simply celebrating good times and fun vibes.

The band is looking to take The Dialers ever evolving sound to a new level in 2015. Aiming over the horizon and to the green fields beyond. Metaphorically speaking they will be spreading their dial tones all over the beautiful telcom networks we call Australia. No static, no interference, just fat bass tones and irie skankin’ vibrations.